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"Memoirs of a Swedish War Nurse:
From WWII Missions to Mother Teresa"

An Interview by Lois Lindstrom

Karin Wiking was an active Co-Worker for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Scandinavia. While residing in Sweden, she visited hundreds of and suffering people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. As a former Swedish Red Cross war nurse in the 1940’s, she helped hundreds of people in Finland, Norway, Germany and Czechoslovakia during and at the end of World War II. Her accounts and her historic photos are memorable. She has had associations with famous people such as: Mother Teresa, Axel Munthe, Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, Swedish film star Ingrid Bergman, and French singer Maurice Chevalier. She recounts her experiences as a walking companion to a famous Swedish author, Axel Munthe, who wrote “The Story of San Michele”, an international bestseller when it was published in 1929.

From 1979 until her passing, Karin Wiking volunteered and worked for Mother Teresa in Sweden and at her Home for the Dying in India and for her Missionaries of Charity in Scandinavia. Her stories about Mother Teresa provide an undeniable impression on the life of this extremely worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Regardless of your spiritual view, she will give you fresh hope in the stormy seas of life. Her book will resonate in your mind with truth, wisdom and inspiration.