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A front row seat to WWII history from the eyes of a Swedish war nurse

Karin Wiking is a true time witness to historical events surrounding the Second World War.  Regardless of your spirtual view, she will give you fresh hope in the stormy seas of life. Her book will resonate in your mind with truth, wisdom and inspiration.

Until her recent passing, Karin Wiking was an active Co-Worker for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Scandinavia.  As a former Swedish Red Cross war nurse in the 1940’s, she helped hundreds of people in Finland, Norway, Germany and Czechoslovakia during and at the end of World War II. 

About the Book

Karen’s accounts and her historic photos are memorable. She has had associations with famous people such as: Mother Teresa, Axel Munthe, Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, Swedish film star Ingrid Bergman, and French singer Maurice Chevalier. 

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A very interesting and candid account of an amazing woman, who showed great altruism during turbulent war times and went through a fascinating faith transformation.

Carl Gerden

I read your book “Memoirs of a Swedish War Nurse”. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as much for your questions (and follow-ups) as much as I did the responses. They were questions I wanted to be asked.  I was expecting a different type of book, something more religious. An expectation based on the book cover. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a woman who was compassionate, interesting, fun and just downright “cool” (smoking a cig while drinking tea on the train in her American uniform). The religious aspect of the book, although interesting, was secondary to me. It certainly gave an insight to Swedish culture, pre-war, during and post war.  Good writing and excellent questioning……..thank you.

Patrick Pernell

This episode of Mother Teresa’s life is recounted in the fascinating interview-biography, Memoirs of a Swedish War Nurse: A Life of Adventure, A Journey to Spirituality, by US-born journalist Lois Lindstrom. 

Alberto Carosa
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