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Professonal Highlights


  2013-05 Freelance Writer. Have written articles published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinal, Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Virginian-Pilot.

Host of Cable TV talkshow "Bookman's Corner"
on Arlington Cable TV Channel 69, Arlington VA.

Have interviewed the following authors: 
E. Edward Mann, co-author of " The Queen and the U.S.A."Roy Scranton, co-editor of "Fire and Forget"M. Stanton Evans, co-author of " Stalin's Secret Agents"David L. Robbins, author of "Devil's Waters"Alan Bjerga, author of "Endless Appetites"Andrew Graham-Dixon, author of "Caravaggio"Ronald Kessler, author of "The Secrets of the FBI"Leeanne Ladin, co-author of "Secretariat's Meadow"Stephen Moore, co-author of "The End of Prosperity:  How Higher Taxes Will Destroy the Economy if We Let It Happen"Nevin Martell, who wrote "Looking for Calvin and Hobbes."
    2005-99:  Author. Wrote book based on interview with Karin Wiking entitled "Memoirs of a Swedish War Nurse:  A Life of Adventure, A Journey to Spirituality."This book has basically sold-out.  New edition of book now available as an e-book
    1999-96:  Freelance Writer. Have written articles published in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce magazine.
    1996: Radio Reporter for Sweden's English-speaking radio news and public affairs program,"60 Degrees North."
    1994-92: Co-hosted Cable TV talk show, Metropolitan Magazine on Channel 10, a public affairs program reaching 60,000 viewers in Fairfax County, Virginia. USA. Also, produced cable tv programs that were shown on Channel 10.


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