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Memoirs of a Swedish War Nurse:  From WW II Missions to Mother Teresa

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As black velvet sets off diamonds, dark eras display the light of extraordinary individuals who shine with compassion and goodness.


Sweden's Karin Wiking is among those who have that special radiance. She is currently an active Co-Worker for Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in the Nordic region of Europe. Not only does Ms. Wiking visit the very ill and ailing in Sweden, but she has liaison responsibilities for the sick and suffering in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Helping the helpless is Karin Wiking's calling. As a former Swedish Red Cross war nurse in the 1940s, she helped hundreds of people in Finland, Norway, Germany and Czechoslovakia during and at the end of World War II.



Much more than a chronicle of a tumultuous time, Memoirs of a Swedish War Nurse: From WW II Missions to Mother Teresa details the friendships and associations Karin Wiking had with famous people such as:

*Mother Teresa (she has been her Co-Worker in Scandinavia for more than 35 years);


*Axel Munthe (she was the walking companion of this best-selling author who served as the Swedish queen's personal physician); and,


*Count Folke Bernadotte (Karin was one of five nurses serving on two rescue missions organized by this Swedish count to save former POWs in Germany and Czechoslovakia).

Plus,  Karin Wiking recalls interesting conversations with Swedish movie star Ingrid Bergman, French singer Maurice Chevalier, and Swedish opera star Jussi Bjorling.

How Mother Teresa Inspired My Life will resonate in your mind with truth, wisdom, and inspiration.

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The original interview Lois Lindstrom had with Karin Wiking resulted in their first self-published book, Memoirs  of a Swedish War Nurse:  A Life of Adventure, A Journey to Spirituality.

That book has basically sold-out, so the authors are releasing a new edition of that book that includes Karin Wiking's historic photos of WW II missions and her travels to India to help Mother Teresa. The revised book is titled Memoirs of a Swedish War Nurse:  From WW II Missions to Mother Teresa.



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